September 10, 2015

When we first considered hosting MWUX, our thought process went something like this: “Heck yeah! We should totally make that happen. Let’s get started! Well, hold it. Are we in the Midwest?”

We are technically south of the Midwest; the Internet says so. To provide some spacial context, if I threw a rock across the Ohio River it might hit a geographic Midwesterner. We actually share a metropolis with southern Indiana, so we live and work together every day. For the record though, I would never throw a rock at someone from across the bridge. They make great pizza and delicious BBQ tacos; two things I plan to continue enjoying.

Anyhow, even without taking a literal US Census Bureau approach to regions, we’re a hard city to place. We’re unmistakably Midwestern, but we’ve got an added touch of southern hospitality. We fit in pretty well with our Midwestern and Southern neighbors; when they come to visit they seem to fit right in too.

As it turns out, the conference founders consider “Midwest” UX to be more about our Midwestern community, which is much broader and more relevant than geography.

What matters is that we share a professional and cultural bond with the MWUX community. Great things are happening right here under our feet in places like Grand Rapids and Pittsburgh and all the other cities represented each year. We’re fortunate to have a platform like MWUX to celebrate and grow our community.

We are thrilled to have been selected to be your hosts this year. We know that when you come to visit, you’ll find Louisville to be another great destination for MWUX.

See you in 2016!