Busting Brain Myths for Better Design

session / Chelsea Maxwell

As a field, user experience borrows a lot of techniques and information from psychology and cognitive science. However, myths about the brain are still prevalent among UX designers. Knowing how the brain actually works is important for everyone (it’s a vital organ! it dictates our reality!), but especially so for UX designers, since our knowledge of it influences how we design.

In this talk we’ll look at 5 oft-repeated myths in the design community:
• You only use 10% of your brain
• You’re either right-brained or left-brained
• The idea of the digital native
• Personality types are psychologically valid
• Colors elicit specific emotions

We’ll be examining each myth by looking at how it became a myth in the first place and what recent, peer-reviewed research shows. Most importantly, we’ll discuss how knowing the actual facts about the brain can improve UX design.