Hands-On with Agile UX

excursion / Humana Digital Experience Center

How can collaboration and a user-centered design practice drive innovation in a large enterprise? This excursion will introduce attendees to the practice of user experience as it applies to the role of product designer at the Humana Digital Experience Center (DEC).

Attendees will learn about, and participate in, some of the user-centered techniques and processes used in the DEC. Join us in experiencing the DEC’s user-centered design practice through a series of hands-on exercises with DEC designers: design pairing, rapid ideation, and usability testing.

Group Excursion Plans

We’ll be meeting up at the Muhammad Ali Center and walking just minutes away to the DEC, located at:

438 West Main Street
Louisville KY 40202

Interested in this session?

A General Admission ticket is required in order to attend this excursion. Be sure to register for this FREE pre-conference excursion separately from your General Admission tickets.