Laban Movement for Designers

workshop / Scott Sullivan, Erik Dahl

As design moves deeper into the dimensional world, new frameworks are needed to describe interactions that involve the human body beyond the mouse and touchscreen. This workshop is centered around Laban Movement Analysis, a framework that both describes physical movement of the human body and explores our emotional relationship with that movement.

In the first half of the workshop, we will learn a vocabulary for how human beings move through physical space in our everyday lives with hands-on experiential activities, as well as how certain patterns of movements may have an effect on our cognition and emotions. This will be highly interactive and you will be moving your bodies to experience first hand the various elements of the framework. The second half of the session moves the framework into the research and design world by applying Laban Movement Analysis to design problems in interface design, emerging technologies, or service design spaces. We will also look at how internalizing the Laban framework can help you understand body language of both colleagues and research participants.

By the end of the workshop, participants will walk away with an increased awareness of their own physical movement as well as a much more involved understanding of the relationship between their cognition and physicality. They will be able to start to apply this new framework and experience to a wide range of design issues.

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