Learning from Live Development @ AU: The AutoCAD Live Lab

/ Amelia Mendez

At Autodesk University 2015 the AutoCAD team had their first ever Live Lab, developing a prototype in front of customers on site, and welcoming their unfiltered feedback.

The AutoCAD Web team brought a group of developers, designers, and product managers to Vegas in order to rapidly build a working prototype with customers. We set up a Lab open to customers where they could learn more about the product development cycle and co-design a working prototype. The prototype soon included a javascript library for voice activations, SVG animation, manipulation of the ACAD360 editor, and bluetooth features based on the minute by minute user feedback. Much of these capabilities were ready for us to consume in chrome and we simply needed the push to take advantage of them.

At AU 2015 the AutoCAD Live Lab not only validated research about Autodesk customers but many of the architectural assumptions that call for a cross platform product plan. A live lab not only can bring insight into the user experience but also the demands of a modern web architecture.