More Research, More Frequently: How to Sell Your Stakeholders on Research

session / Chris Avore

To lead a successful research practice in your organization, you need access—to customers, staff resources, and the availability to identify patterns surfaced over time. Unfortunately, many designers find themselves reacting to ad-hoc or sporadic attempts at research rather than cultivating opportunities to really practice strategic design research.

This session won’t focus on methods or approaches to research, or why research is important to build better products. But people new to research or those in mature research teams can learn new perspectives to make research an organizational priority.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build an expectation of customer insights throughout the product development lifecycle
  • Use research outcomes to influence business and product strategy
  • Create a culture of learning and validation as you share findings
  • Convince the C-suite to invest in more research, more frequently