Onboarding: Where Craftsmanship and Hospitality of UX Meet

session / Sharon Bautista

In the world of digital experiences, nowhere is the union of craftsmanship and hospitality more apparent than in end-user onboarding. Yet, onboarding presents several conundrums for user experience designers. Does responsibility for designing onboarding reside primarily with product, marketing, or another team? Is onboarding an opportunity to showcase all of the features of an experience, or is onboarding most effective when it focuses on helping new users with set-up? Should onboarding be limited to first-time users, or is there opportunity for onboarding to promote long-term retention of users? And what about the adage of “good” design speaking for itself? To what extent Is onboarding well-intentioned priming or, rather, a way to support potentially dark patterns?

In this talk, I’ll share what I’ve learned from designing onboarding experiences for an array of products and services. I’ll also share some lessons I’ve learned about marrying craftsmanship and hospitality from being a regular at one of the best cocktail bars in the world.