Untouchable Experience: Crafting Paths, Moments, and Connections

session / Nick de la Mare

In our experience working across health, education, agriculture, entertainment and beyond, we’ve seen that connected experiences have become a core expectation for both organizations and the people they serve. Unlike with many objects and interfaces we use, experience is mostly ephemeral and fleeting – we can’t touch it and often don’t control it.

While as craftspeople we are often trained to focus on tangible elements using tools that are geared to “real things,” we know that experience is most often only recognized by consumers as an intangible feeling, often after the fact. Through hard-won experience, as an industry we’re learning that the creation of a great experience is a craft in itself.

In a world of practical design, how DO we “craft” an extraordinary experience, what are the components, and what does that mean for the industry we belong to?

Pulling from work at frog design and Big Tomorrow, I’ll walk through what it means to craft a multi-touchpoint experience from principles to elements, including points of control and connection, flow and friction, practical tips and tricks, and a perspective on where the industry is headed.