MWUX16 Louisville Theme

Each year, Midwest UX is hosted by teams in cities throughout the cultural midwest. Many of us have been fortunate enough to attend the conference in Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Grand Rapids and Columbus. This year, we’re pleased that the conference founders have selected our beloved city of Louisville for MWUX16.

Louisville, KY is a unique mix of midwestern and southern culture. We’re part of the Midwest Megaregion and located directly between the Midwest and South. You may know us for great food, iconic baseball bats, college basketball, and horses. We’re also known for Kentucky bourbon; a mainstay of Southern hospitality and a spirit that epitomizes craftsmanship.

This year, we’ve offered up those cultural pillars to speakers as a kind of theme: Craftsmanship & Hospitality.

Speakers from all over including throughout the Midwest, the South, West Coast, Northern US, Canada, Australia, and India have responded warmly to our call for speakers. The creative minds of the UX community have clearly been inspired by Louisville’s theme, our culture, and our traditions.

The community’s overwhelming excitement for Louisville began at the reveal in 2015 and has continued right through our call for speakers. The team is extremely pleased with how the program is shaping up this year and look forward to sharing it with you in the coming weeks. We can’t wait to host you in October!